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Interpreter Details for Abstract tests with needed link

Speaker 1:

Name: Jill Jones
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Race: Black or African American

Contributor 1:

Name: Joe Smith

Speaker 2:

Name: Bob Bradley
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Race: Asian

Contributor 2:

Name: John Doe

Sign Language Information

Signed Language: ASL
Sign Pace: Moderate
Fingerspelling Extent: Moderate
Fingerspelling Pace: Slow
Numbers Extent: Minimal
Numbers Pace: Fast
Classifiers Extent: Moderate
Use of Space Extent: Minimal
How Space Used: Geographic

Spoken Language

Languages: English
Speech Pace: Fast
Lends Itself To Fingerspelling: NA
Lends Itself To Classifiers: Moderate
Lends Itself To Numbers: Moderate
Lends Itself To Use Of Space: Minimal

Content Description

Text Type: Narrative
Register: Consultative
Captions: Closed Captions
Conversation Type: Interactive