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Abstract Details for Grit, Faith and Vocational Rehabilitation the Pam Cobbler Story

Dr. Pam Cobbler describes her vocational rehabilitation journey from a near death motorcycle accident through her recovery and how she returned to work. She describes the rehabilitation process, her struggles and success that paved the way to her new life in business, education and as a member of the state rehabilitation council. Dr. Cobbler says … “Driving was one of the main Vocational Rehab goals that I had and the other one was for work because of the level of nature of my injury, I’m not supposed to lift over 5 pounds when I’m working full-time and I am required to have a travel attendant with me and I came to WWRC for my job and travel attendant evaluation.” Dr. Cobbler also overviews some of the important revelations she has been afforded because of her experience. Dr. Cobbler says, “I believe that Vocational Rehabilitation is needed and most important for people to be successful in their employment whether they were born with a disability or someone like me as who have walked their whole life and things were looking pretty up for me and this happened and I had no idea this was going to happen. I have told a lot of workforce people, governors which I have spoken, international companies that have asked for my opinion and have asked my voice on some things I say “If you want me to be a taxpayer, instead of a tax user” then we need to find ways to get back to work and the WWRC in my opinion is the number one resource that we have in the Commonwealth and as far as WWRC is concerned, in the country and around the globe for getting the help that people will need, the vocational rehabilitation, the rehab part, the physical part, the emotional part, the educational part, of getting people back to life and back to work.” The podcast interview also includes comments from the Vocational Rehabilitation Return on Investment Team as they compare and contrast the findings of a multiyear ROI study which includes Dr. Cobblers vocational rehabilitation case.